PGPT  provides technical and engineering to support the development of all firms and sizes of generating plant, including renewable, geothermal, hydro and thermal. In addition, it provides these services from distribution system voltages up to the highest transmission voltage.

Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Power Generations, Distribution & Utilization Systems, including, but not limited to:

Diesel Generators & Gas Turbines (including dual fuel turbines).
Wind Turbines & Solar Photovoltaic Panel for generating Electricity (wind and solar Hybrid system).
Power Transformers up to 132/33 KV system.
Rural Electrifications (Inter-Town Connection, Town Distribution Network System, etc).
Overhead line transmission & Distribution System, Substations, up to 132KV System.
High, Medium and Low Voltages Panels and  Distribution Boards.
Building Services Electrical Engineering & Installation.
Process and Industrial Control.

Extra Low Voltage System
Automatic fire detection & Alarm suppression system.
Surveillance system.
Telephone & Data System

Please note: Within the power sector we provide a wide variety of services. Traditional “least cost” planning and country master plan services together with a range of technical, financial and economic studies are provided to support governments and private state owned integrated utilities.

The present worldwide trend towards deregulation, commercialization and privatization of state assets in electricity sector has resulted in power generation and technologies providing a range of strategic engineering and commercial skills to support the development of new electricity markets

Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Plumbing & Air-conditioning Systems, including, but not limited to:

Central Air-conditioning installation, ducting and piping works.
Plumbing works, Boreholes, pumps.
Water & Fuel Storage Tanks (up to 4million liters capacity), piping works.
Building Services Mechanical Engineering & Installation

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS):

(a)  Static UPS (300VA-800KVA Cascaded to 19.2MV)
(b)  Dynamic/Rotary UPS (100KVA-40MVA)

Inverters (0.5 KVA-500 KVA)
Stabilizers (3KVA-4MVA)
Line condition & Surge Suppressor
DC Power solution
Automatic fire Alarm & suppression system
Process and industrial control equipment
Power factor correcting equipment
Power disturbances, load analysis & solutions
Circuit Breakers & Switchgears
Control components- contactors, Relays, Switches.etc.

Please Note: Our products are rugged and have withstood the test of time. We give generous guarantee on every product we market to demonstrate this high degree of confidence, we also stock spare parts for effective maintenance philosophy.

Any product or equipment that is subject to constant use must also be regularly serviced or maintained. Our team of engineers is well trained and equipped for the task. Also, we provide after sales support services to our clients/customers; that is why we place so much emphasis on the maintenance of products we market and install.

Kindly note also, that we are not just vendors but representation of Eaton Powerware, UK (formerly Exide Electronics) makers of power & best brand of power protection equipment; Riello UPS and Xinbao Technology makers of Xinbao UPS. We are also business partners to IREM of Italy(manufacturer of IREM brand of stabilizers), Hossoni and Hygood fire systems. These give us an edge over our competitors.


Do you have any faulty ups, inverter, of whatever rating from any of the manufacturers?

Powerware/Riello              APC                       Liebert/Emerson
Merlin Gerin                     Powercom              Best
Chloride                           Siemens                 Minute man
Invertomatic                    CPS                       Gamatronics
Claude Lyons                    Failsafe                  Xinbao
Hossoni                           AET                       ETC.

We support, maintain and repair these varied makes of UPS by our well-trained support Engineers at our repair workshops located in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt.You can count on us for cost effective, quality repairs and prompt delivering of your machines.

Try us today regarding your faulty UPS and you will never be disappointed.